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We are happy to announce that PingPong has been acquired by Hotjar.

Product Update #7: Video player improvements


Thomas helps researchers find the best candidates for their tests. He also makes sure that everyday operations and test sessions run smoothly.

Video player

We are in the middle of our video player overhaul. Many improvements have already been enabled over the last weeks, the most notable of them are:

New auto-scroll feature for the transcription

The transcription now automatically scrolls with the video progress and jumps to the correct section when you seek in the video. This can be turned off with a toggle or by scrolling manually into the transcription.

Improved marking tools (emojis) for the live session and the recordings

The emoji markers are now neatly placed in a toolbar below the main video feed. Add a marker to the current timestamp by clicking any of them. They are now also removable by hovering over them in the progress bar.

Hotkeys have been enabled

Save time when analysing the recordings with our built-in hotkeys.

Clipping changes

We have made small adjustments on the progress bar to better show the selected duration when creating new clips. The size of the progress and clipping bars has also been modified slightly to prevent misclicks.

Further improvements

  • You can now log in or register a PingPong account with an existing Google account with one click. This Single Sign-On option helps to increase security and provide a more seamless login and registration experience.
  • Draft projects can now be deleted (finally!).
  • 'Stop recording' and 'End session' buttons have new confirmation modals in the live sessions to avoid accidental recording and session termination.

New Help Center articles

We have revamped our Getting Started Guide to provide a better experience to our first time users. PingPong veterans might also find useful info there too. Other new articles include:

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Customer service is incredible, a five-star service/support - they are superstars! I was able to find participants all over the world that will definitely make an impact on our product.

Irene Cazaux

UX Designer