No more worrying about software downloads and video conferencing. PingPong has video calling built in—just log in when your research session begins and join the call with your tester.

Securely stored, automatic recordings

  • One, centralised place to watch your research videos.
  • GDPR-compliant data storage on AWS EU servers.
  • Research videos stored up to 2-years.
  • Your data in transmission is securely transmitted over HTTPS.
  • Your data at rest is secured by AES 256 industry standard encryption.

Observe sessions remotely

  • Watch your user research sessions remotely without disturbing the session.
  • Invisible Observers keeps the flow of the research natural.

Advanced video player to watch and review your recordings

  • Playback at 1x-1.25x-1.5x-2x speed
  • Fullscreen
  • Jump to highlights
  • Transcripts
  • Share your recordings

Highlight insights where they happen

  • Highlight the most important moments during your session.
  • Easily jump back on recordings.
  • Save time re-watching your research sessions.
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Customer service is incredible, a five-star service/support - they are superstars! I was able to find participants all over the world that will definitely make an impact on our product.

Irene Cazaux

UX Designer