PingPong is joining Hotjar
We are happy to announce that PingPong has been acquired by Hotjar.

Hotjar has acquired PingPong


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The day has come, and I have some fantastic news to share. I'm happy to announce a huge milestone for PingPong: we’re joining Hotjar!

Let’s take a brief look at how we got here—and what’s coming next.

The Journey

We founded PingPong in 2016 with a clear mission: to simplify the user research process.

Back then, we were fed up with the slow and fragmented process of user testing and knew there had to be a better way. Something more pleasurable, more usable, more convenient.

We started with a simple, bootstrapped prototype and had to rely on friends and family to be our testers. After 6 years of hard work from the whole PingPong team, we’ve become a powerful user-testing platform with a pool of over 175,000 testers.

Along the way, we started to attract some big brands and fantastic customers. And just last year, the team at Hotjar started using PingPong for user research.

Our teams ended up talking, and we came to realize we shared the same vision. Hotjar wants every business to have the power to create product experiences people love. To do that, you need to understand and empathize with the people using your product.

That’s what PingPong is all about: making it as easy as possible to gather the face-to-face feedback you need to put yourself in your users’ shoes. So you can build a product they’ll love.

What’s next?

With this acquisition, PingPong is changing its name to Hotjar Engage, and will be fully integrated into the Hotjar platform.

Engage will sit alongside Hotjar’s existing products: Ask (Surveys and Feedback) and Observe (Heatmaps and Recordings).

PingPong customers can access Engage at (our old web address will be retired). You might notice some small design changes, but rest assured you can keep using the product just as before.

Here’s to the future!

In 2021, Hotjar joined forces with Contentsquare, one of Europe’s most successful startups, based in Paris, France. Just this year, they raised a Series F funding round of $600 million, bringing their total raised capital to $1.4 billion.

This is great news for the future of our product. As part of the Hotjar family, we’ll have more resources than ever to speed up product development, add new features, and expand our pool of testers.

We're thrilled to be joining the Hotjar team, united by a shared dream of empowering businesses to create experiences their users will love. Learn more about Hotjar & Contentsquare.

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Customer service is incredible, a five-star service/support - they are superstars! I was able to find participants all over the world that will definitely make an impact on our product.

Irene Cazaux

UX Designer