If you want to use bits from one of your existing research, you can duplicate any active or archived project. In this short guide, we're focusing on a few key points to keep in mind while duplicating a project. Head over to our create a research page for a more in-depth guide about starting a research from scratch.

To duplicate a research project, simply hit the Duplicate button in the project details page:

Duplicate any active or archived project

This will create a new draft research with the details filled in from the previous research project. We suggest adjusting the internal name for the copy. Also, don't forget to adjust the scheduling.

Make sure to update the times for the sessions

Duplicate for reschedule

Duplicating a research project makes it easy to reschedule a session with a specific participant. After duplicate, you'll need to:

- Adjust the number of required users

- Uncheck the 'Invite users automatically from PingPong's user panel' on the Demographics page (this bit is super important, otherwise someone else can book the spot!).

With auto invite disabled, you'll be able to invite users with your unique URL

As the last step, you might want to shorten or remove the screener, since your participant has probably already done it by this point. Once you launch your new duplicated research project, you can share the unique URL with your participant.

Share the unique URL with participant directly

As you can see duplicating is a pretty straightforward yet powerful tool to speed up the process of creating new projects.

Updated on
April 3, 2020
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