Building a better way of doing user research

We’re building a bridge between users and companies for discussion, feedback and insight gathering.
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By designers, for designers

At PingPong, we're building better tools for user interviews and user tests. As designers ourselves, we know how difficult is it to find users and gather insights for your projects and digital products. We’ve been through it all - the recruitment, scheduling, moderating, managing participants, synthesising research data. We’ve set out to solve that, so you can focus on learning from your users instead of being weighed down by a clunky design research process.

It’s about people

Great products are built alongside the voice of your users, learn about their struggles, needs and desires and turn meaningful conversations into product insights that make your designs more intuitive and effective.

It’s about time

Use it wisely. Running great research shouldn’t suck up a bunch of time. PingPong automates the admin work so you can iterate faster and put your energy into making your product shine.

It’s about building something better

Take the guesswork out of your design process and put your users at the heart of it. Make intelligent product decisions based on user feedback not team assumptions.

Meet the team

Zsolt is a design founder with background in UX design & research. He's responsible for most of what happens at PingPong.
Tamas is a full-stack engineer and bootstrapper with huge experience building complex systems. He's responsible for most of PingPong's codebase.
Customer Success
Thomas helps researchers find the best candidates for their tests. He also makes sure that everyday operations and test sessions run smoothly.
Jon is a designer, developer, writer and entrepreneur. He's in charge of making sure PingPong's business ops run smoothly.
Sergei is a designer & front-end developer. He may or may not have been designing and building PingPong's marketing websites, among other things.
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