Making UX research a breeze

The hassle with finding participants, re-watching videos and taking notes is solved. By automating the entire research project in one single place, you can save time and focus on what matters most: listening to your users and getting the insights needed.

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Key features

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Take the hassle out of tester recruitment

Get instant access to our global user pool of over 150,000 testers.


Automate the research process

Benefit from automated scheduling, rescheduling and replacement.

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Make video calls and record sessions

Use the built-in video call function with the automatic recording feature.

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Take and share session notes 

Take time-stamped notes, highlight key details and share them with ease.

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Invite spectators to sessions

Ask members of your team to observe user interview sessions in real time.

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Forget about incentives

Tester compensation is included in the credit price and paid automatically. 


Recruit participants globally

Finding the right people has never been easier. From consumers to working professionals, get access to more than 150,000 testers worldwide.

Filter based on 10+ demographic data
Create custom screener questions
Schedule sessions within hours instead of days
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Easy scheduling

Stress-free scheduling on your own terms. Enter the dates and times when you're available and we'll get real users booked into your calendar.

Synchronisation with your Google or Office 365 calendar
Configurable buffer time and daily interview limits
Over-booking and conflict prevention
VIDEO call

A video call built for research

No more worrying about downloading apps for video conferencing. PingPong has video calling built in—just log in when your session begins.

Automatic session recording
Invite your team to observe in live
Collaborative time-stamped note taking
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Hassle-free incentive payouts

Once your session is complete, we'll make sure your participants get paid seamlessly. No need to track and manage your outgoing payments.

Automated incentive management and payouts
Multi-currency support
Customisable incentive amount

Get your team involved and share insights

Review all your completed research in a single place and share insights with your team.

Collaborative note-taking
Create and share video clips
Automatic transcription for quicker synthesis
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