Until PingPong does not support mobile screen sharing, running mobile tests requires using additional tools. We'd like to show you how to use Zoom for remote mobile user tests for both Android and iOS.

If you're not familiar with Zoom, it's a modern video conferencing tool which has a free version up to 40 mins long sessions.

By the way, we have covered the topic briefly with a guide on how to share iPhone screen by mirroring iPhone screen through QuickTime -- this method still works perfectly for users with iPhones and Apple computers.

Finding the right participants with the right device

Let the testers know that you'll need them to test on mobile. Mention this in the project description or add a screener question to confirm if they are willing to install Zoom on their mobile.

To recruit the participants with the right mobile phone, use the 'Mobile device type' demographic field to filter users by mobile type.

How to set up a Zoom meeting with testers

Once you have a tester booked in you can click on their name in the project's details to find out their email address. We recommend sending them a short email with our guide for the testers (Android, iOS) with the link to your Zoom call.

The email field will be visible for scheduled testers

Alternatively, you can join the user in PingPong video call and send the instructions in the chat to join the Zoom call from their mobile phone. The set up process would take 2-3 minutes max. Simply create a new meeting at the start of the session. Invite the tester by clicking the 'Copy Invitation' button and pasting the content (meeting ID) to the PingPong chat. Since you are already on a video call with the tester you can help if any issues come up.

To invite a tester copy the details

After joining you can ask the tester to share their screen on their mobile and have them perform the tasks for your research project.

Our guides to help testers join and start screen share on Zoom:

Instructions to join a Zoom call and start screen sharing from Android

Instructions to join a Zoom call and start screen sharing from iOS / iPhone

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April 7, 2020
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