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Pay as you go

€90 per credit
5 researcher seats
€15 compensation included

Ideal for one-off research projects that need to get done fast.

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€400 per month
Billed annually
60 credits per year
5 researcher seats
€15 compensation included

For researchers and smaller teams who regularly gather and analyze user feedback.

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Security Assessment
Custom tester compensation
Custom invoicing
B2B and B2C tester pools
Multiple moderators

For businesses with a strong focus on UX research and human-centred design.

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How do credits work?

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1 credit
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1.5 credits
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1.8 credits
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2 credits

Key features

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Take the hassle out of tester recruitment

Get instant access to our global user pool of over 150,000 testers.


Automate the research process

Benefit from automated scheduling, rescheduling and replacement.

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Make video calls and record sessions

Use the built-in video call function with the automatic recording feature.

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Take and share session notes 

Take time-stamped notes, highlight key details and share them with ease.

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Invite spectators to sessions

Ask members of your team to observe user interview sessions in real time.

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Forget about incentives

Tester compensation is included in the credit price and paid automatically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use PingPong with my teammates?

Absolutely! It's very easy to create a team with centralised billing in your PingPong account. You can add as many teammates as you like, so any of them can set up new research and browse your research library. It's also possible for your teammates to sit in on live research interviews as Observers. It's the digital equivalent of a one-way mirror!

Can I use PingPong to recruit testers for in-person research?

Sorry, we're only focusing on remote research for now. Supporting in-person research is not on our roadmap.

How do I request a quote or invoice?

To get an invoice in advance or a formal quote to purchase, simply fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Complete this form.

Can I use PingPong for unmoderated testing?

Sorry, we only support moderated sessions at the moment.

How safe is our data?

Keeping your data safe is just as important to us, as it is to you. This is why we use enterprise-grade security features, comply with the strictest data security protocols and conduct regular security audits. Read our security overview for more details.

What can I use the credits for?

Your purchased credits are not locked to one project. You can use them freely for every project you have. The credits are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, so you have plenty of time spend them.

Can I use PingPong for mobile testing?

Yes, you can, although our support for mobile tests is not as extensive as our desktop support. You can use any third party video chat software to conduct mobile tests. Have a look at our guide on how to use PingPong with Zoom.

What's the standard incentive for participants?

Our standard incentive is included in your credit price, so there's no additional fee to pay. We pay participants €15 ($20 in the USA) for a 30 minute session and make the payment directly via PayPal or Wise. We've found that for B2C focused research (and for some B2B too), this amount works well.

Can I change the participant incentive amount?

If you have more niche requirements, we can arrange a custom credit price, which will include a higher tester incentive. This can help to attract more users to your research. Contact us to change the tester compensation on your draft projects.

Can I do B2B research?

Yes, we have a wide range of professionals ready to talk business with you. When you're looking for experienced professionals and you operate in the B2B field, we will need to increase the incentive. Get in touch with us to figure out the best approach.

Can you find the right users for me?

We know that there are some niche profiles that are really hard to recruit for. This is why we'll refund any unused credits within 30 days of the purchase, if we can't find participants for you.