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Zsolt is a design founder with a background in UX design & research. He's responsible for most of what happens at PingPong. Follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Our new video call is here

We've been working on our new video call since last year and finally, it's here and available for everyone. Aside from the visual overhaul, you'll find completely new features and smaller quality of life improvements as well.

  • Notes: Take time-stamped notes during the call to make research synthesis much easier. You can also use the emoji markers to quickly highlight the most important moments in the research session. Note-taking is available for spectators as well, making the research more collaborative!
  • Auto-reconnect and network messages: We have implemented new ways to provide a smoother and stress-free video call experience: PingPong will try to reconnect you automatically if you've dropped the connection for any reason. We also display messages and instructions to you and the other participants if we detect any connectivity issues.
  • Updated mobile view: We have updated the mobile view to make the call easier to use on different mobile screens. The PingPong video call works fine on mobile but screen sharing is still not implemented: we're working on native mobile apps and mobile user testing is coming to PingPong soon!
  • Disable audio/video: You can now disable your camera feed or mute your microphone with a simple click during the call. This small feature could come in handy in the upcoming allergy season :)
  • Faster and simplified join experience: We've replaced our original ~30-second pre-call check with much quicker under the hood checks. This speeds up the join process for the participants while still offering guidance on how to troubleshoot the most common problems with webcams and microphones. Additionally, participants can join the sessions without working audio or video, leaving a bit more space to troubleshoot and solve issues.
  • Rebuilt recording processing: Along with the new call interface, we've completely changed how our recording processing works. The video feeds are now baked into one large, continuous video file for each participant. This change makes the clipping tool much more reliable and easier to use. As a result, you can easily clip full-length recordings and download your interviews with a few clicks. This is only available for recordings created from the 25th of May 2021 and for clipping screen-sharing videos, you'll still need to create multiple clips.
  • Spectators: You can see who's spectating your sessions now (this is of course not visible for testers). You can also invite team members to spectate the session with the quick link. As mentioned above, spectators can also take notes so your research sessions can be more collaborative than before!

Refreshed project creation flow

We've made many changes to the general look of the admin, including the research-creation flow. The most noticeable is probably the replacement of the visual step indicator with a less obstructing step counter and traditional navigation buttons.

New navigation

Team members and billing pages are now under the dropdown in the top left corner. The options are the same but the new design provides a more unified feel with the rest of the interface.

Other noticeable changes

New session length options

Some of you have asked to run longer interviews than 60 minutes, so we added the option to run 90 and 120-minute sessions. These cost 1.8 and 2 credits, respectively.

New password strength requirement

We now require much stronger passwords for PingPong accounts. The passwords must contain at least 16 characters including at least one special, numeric and uppercase characters each. We are planning to introduce more passwordless authentication methods in addition to the current Google login method.

What's next?

We're very excited about what's coming up next at PingPong: we're growing our team to move faster and improve PingPong further. We started working on a couple of big features like iOS screen sharing, bring your own users and more. No specific dates yet for any of these features but we'll keep you updated!

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Customer service is incredible, a five-star service/support - they are superstars! I was able to find participants all over the world that will definitely make an impact on our product.

Irene Cazaux

UX Designer