PingPong Observer feature allows your team members to watch your sessions live. Observers can't talk, chat or interrupt the session in any way.

First step: Invite team members to PingPong on the team page.

Then they will need to create an account on PingPong.

From here you have 3 options

a) Provide admin access: admins can see and edit every research and join as an observer by default.

b) Invite them for only one session. You can do this once a session has been scheduled with the [Invite Observers] button.

c) Invite them for every session in the research: Use "Share" on the research page so they can Observe every session in that research.

Observers can join the session with the [Join session] button. They will see the tester and researcher as well but won't be able to interact with the session in any way.

Updated on
November 19, 2019
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