After your session

After the session is over, the next immediate step is to review the session. A short summary is going to be very helpful if you have more sessions in a specific research.

You can create clips to export these key moments for sharing and later use.

Synthesising the data

After you've finished all your sessions, your goal is to summarise the important insights and group these to uncover problems and patterns.

It's useful to watch the recording with a partner to spot any insights you might've noticed. You also have the option to glance over the conversation with the transcriptions to quickly find the most important parts of the recordings.

When you’re drawing conclusions, make sure you’re inviting your stakeholders to participate. Getting them on board with your findings and possible solutions will be so much easier if they’re involved from the start.

Above all, the best way to learn and improve your remote user research skills is by running lots of sessions and self-reflecting after each one. Make sure you’re always spending a little time evaluating each interview, along with your speaking and questioning style.

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September 4, 2020
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