PingPong is joining Hotjar
We are happy to announce that PingPong has been acquired by Hotjar.

Projects expire after 2 years

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Projects now expire after 2 years

In addition to the recordings, projects now also expire when they reach 2 years of age. What happens when a project expires:

  • You won't have access to any personal information besides the testers first name
  • All info on previously invited participants are deleted (including screeners and number of invites sent thorughout the lifespan of the project)
  • You will still have access to the screener answers on the completed sessions.

New participant selection icon

We have added an indicator to show whether your project automatically/manually allow matching users to book a session.

Screening option

We've disabled the sound notification when someone joins your session as a spectator.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the recordings to pause while seeking.
  • Our demo recording we put on every new account has had its second birthday 🎉🎂. While this is great news usually it also meant that it has expired. We've restored it.
  • Testers from the UK are no longer asked for their address details. All previously stored information related to these fields have been deleted.