PingPong is joining Hotjar
We are happy to announce that PingPong has been acquired by Hotjar.

Multiple moderator feature (beta) is here (and other improvements!)

Monday, April 11, 2022


Multiple moderator feature (beta) is finally here

We implemented the multiple moderator feature that is now available under our enterprise plans. This allows team members to select if they'd like to join the session as a Spectator or Moderator. Having multiple moderators on the call makes user interviews a great team exercise by allowing more than one team member to ask and interact with the user.

Delete teams, projects or recordings individually

We've implemented a delete feature for teams, project and recordings. These removals are instant and irreversible.

  • Deleting a team will also delete every project and every recording associated with that team. (only admins can delete a team)
  • Deleting a project will also delete all recordings associated with that project. (only project owners can delete a project)
  • Deleting a recording will also delete any transcriptions, notes, clips associated with that session.

New tag for example projects

We added a new 'sample' tag on the Example research project to help distinguish it from your actual projects and sessions. These are now also easily deletable with the new delete feature.

  • We've made changes to the demographic filter layout. This is mostly a visual update, the functionalities are unchanged.
  • We also added 'Back' buttons to make navigation easier during project creation.
  • Video call: The device settings window (camera, microphone, audio out) is now accessible on the join session screen too. This provides a way to change the camera or microphone before joining the session.
  • We made some minor edits to improve clarity on some of our outgoing email templates for testers (uninvite, reschedule templates).
  • For companies registered in the EU, the VAT number is now a mandatory field in the billing details.

We fixed some minor vulnerabilities in our video player.

  • Fixed an issue preventing some functionalities on the draft project preview page.
  • Fixed chat/note/transcription messages not showing up under the right users on our video player.