PingPong is joining Hotjar
We are happy to announce that PingPong has been acquired by Hotjar.

New milestone alert: we’ve got our 150,000th tester!


Zsolt is our design founder with a background in UX design & research. He's behind most of what happens at PingPong. Follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

It was a little over a year ago that our community had welcomed its 100,000th member – and now we have 50,000 more of you! We can’t thank you enough for making PingPong what it is for UX designers, developers and testers around the world. That is, a platform where ideas and opinions are shared and valued, and then turned into innovation. Here are a few key facts about our user base for all you data-loving folks out there:

  • The average PingPong tester is 30.04 years old.
  • The top 5 countries represented among users are the UK, the US, Germany, India and Spain. The top 3 cities are London, Berlin and New York.
  • The fastest growing PingPong user pools can be found in Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and Poland.
  • There are 15 testers above the age of 80.
  • Our database covers 125 countries across the globe, with at least 10 testers in each. If you’re looking to conduct UX research in a particular country, we now have over 100 testers in 64 countries and more than 1,000 testers in 23 countries.

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far and committed to giving you more and more reasons to join us on our journey, on either side of usability testing. Keep searching and keep learning!

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Customer service is incredible, a five-star service/support - they are superstars! I was able to find participants all over the world that will definitely make an impact on our product.

Irene Cazaux

UX Designer