Once you received an invitation for a research and successfully booked a session, you're ready to participate in your very first PingPong research. Congratulations 🎉

I'll guide you through the steps:

  1. 10 minutes before the session starts, a "Join session" button appears inside PingPong. Click on it to join the call.
  2. Chrome will prompt you to enable camera and microphone. Click on "Allow".
  3. You'll be placed in the call with your researcher. This is just like any other regular video call, like Skype or Hangouts.
  4. If the researcher asks you to share your screen, click on "Start Screensharing" button.
  5. Chrome will prompt you to select which screen or windows do you want to share. You'll need select and click on Share screen.

That's it, your screen sharing should be working, and the researcher can follow your screen.

The screensharing will automatically stop once the session is ended by the researcher or you click "Leave call".

Updated on
November 19, 2019
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